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Thai cuisine – Serving

We will continue to talk about the Thai cuisine in this article to try and discover the true art of cooking in this exotic country.

Thai cuisine – regional cuisines

   The Thai cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand and its main principles are detail, balance and variety. This is one of the most popular cuisine in the world. 

Dance in Thailand – part two

   In this article we will continue to mention the wonderful types of dancing in Thailand by regions

Dance in Thailand – part one

   The Thai dance is the most important dramatic art in Thailand and can be split in two main categories: the high art and the low art, just as many other forms of traditional Asian dance. The high art involves the classical dance and the low art involves the folk dance.

The National Gallery

   The National Gallery is an art museum located in London in Trafalgar Square in the City of Westminster. It was founded in the year of 1824 and houses a collection of more than 2300 paintings, the oldest ones dating back to the 13th century and newest ones dating back to the year of 1900. This on place 4 in the top of most visited art museums in the world and because the collection inside belongs to the public the entry of the main collection is free of charge. 

The British Museum

   The British Museum is located in Bloomsbury are from London and is dedicated to human history and culture. It has one of the largest and most comprehensive permanent collection counting about 8 million works. There are works gathered from all continents which are showing the human culture from the very beginning until present time.

The Rocket Festival

   The Rocket Festival is being held in Isan province of Thailand but also in Laos in several villages and municipalities right before the beginning of the wet season. This is a traditional ceremony which lasts 3 days and is celebrated with dance performers, music, processions of floats and a competition of firing home-made rockets.

Surin Elephant Round-Up

   The Surin Elephant Round-Up is taking place every year in Surin province of Isan in Thailand and is a cultural festival organized during the third weekend of November. This is a tradition which is dating back to medieval era with origins in the Royal hunts. 

London – Modern History

   We will continue with the history of London in this article with several key information points which will make you want to try and visit this place to find out mode details. It is important to know how one of the most important cities in the world has evolved.

The History of London until Middle Age

   London is the capital of United Kingdom and has a large history dating back to its founding moment by the Romans. This is one of the leading and key global cities with many strong points in finance, education, arts, culture, fashion, entertainment, transport, media, tourism and development. This city is the most visited city in the world and has the largest city airport system in the world.