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The Tower Of London

   The Tower of London is also known as Her Majesty`s Royal Palace and Fortress is located in the central of Britain`s capital on the north bank of the Thames River. This was founded in the year of 1066 and is a complex of buildings with defensive walls and a moat. 

National Maritime Museum of London

   The National Maritime Museum in London is the largest one of its kind in the entire world. It is a public founded museum, sponsored by the Department of Culture Media and Sport so there is no entrance fee. This museum was created in the year of 1934 and it was based on donations made by Sir James Caird.

The Prehistoric Thailand

   Thailand is one of those mysterious lands which is known to most people who have heard of it as an exotic country. This is why we thought we should discover the prehistoric side of it so we can understand more about this culture and point it on the correct map of life.

Khao Yai National Park

   Khao Yai National Park is located in the center of Thailand in the western area of the Sankamphaeng mountain range, at the south-west boundary of the Khorat Plateau. Although the most area of this park is located in Nakhon Ratchasima province it also has areas in Saraburi, Prachinburi and Nakhon Nayok provinces.

The Victoria and Albert Museum of London

   The Victoria and Albert Museum of London is the largest decorative arts and design museum in the entire world. Inside there is a permanent collection of more than 4.5 million objects. It was founded in the year of 1852 when was named after the Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It is located in the Brompton district of the Royal Borough of Kesington and Chelsea. 

The Science Museum in London

   The Science Museum of London was founded in the year of 1857 under Bennet Woodcroft from the collection of the Royal Society of Arts. In present time this one of the most important tourism attractions in London because is attracting more than 3.3 million people every year. There is no access fee with the exception of some temporary or special exhibitions.

Imperial War Museum in London

   This museum has opened to the public in the year of 1920 when was housed inside the Crystal Palace at Sydenham Hill. About 4 year later the museum has moved in the Imperial Institute in South Kensington. When funded the museum was intended to record the civil and military war effort and sacrifice and its Empire during the First World War. 

Natural History Museum in London

   The Natural History Museum in London is one of the largest ones of this type in the world. It has more than 80 million items grouped in five main collections: zoology, botany, paleontology, mineralogy and entomology. It is recognized in the world as a center of research concentrated mainly on identification, conservation and taxonomy. 

Thai cuisine – Serving

We will continue to talk about the Thai cuisine in this article to try and discover the true art of cooking in this exotic country.

Thai cuisine – regional cuisines

   The Thai cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand and its main principles are detail, balance and variety. This is one of the most popular cuisine in the world.