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Places to see in Songkhla

   Songkhla is not just a city surrounded with beaches. It is located at the opening of Songkhla Lake to the Gulf of Thailand. This makes it a fishing town, an important harbor plus a major seaport located on the east side of Isthmus of Kra. 

Wonderful beaches in Songkhla

   Songkhla is the capital of the province with the same name and has a population of more than 75000 people. This is located in the south area of Thailand near the border with Malaysia. It is known as the city on the mountain due to its location but is also surrounded by wonderful beaches. 

Places to see in Petaling Jaya

   Pentaling Jaya is an important city located in the south-west area of the country in the Pentaling district of Selangor. It was founded in the year of 1954 as the first planned town in Malaysia and gained the status of city in 20 June 2006. Today it has more than 450.000 inhabitants and an area of about 98 square kilometers. 

Places to see in Phuket

   Phuket is located in the southeast area of Thailand and is the largest city of the province with the same name. As the capital of this province, Phuket has a population of more than 75000 people and is the economic center of the island. 

Places to see in Putrajaya

   Putrajaya is the federal administrative city of Malaysia located at a distance of about 30 kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur. The government headquarters have been moved here because the capital of Malaysia became too crowded. The land here is full of lush greenery, gardens and water. 

Places to see in Khao Lak

   Khao Lak is a strip of coastal resorts on a 20 kilometers long with several villages oriented for tourism. This area is located in the Takua Pa district of Phang Nga province from the south area of Thailand. The name of this land means Lak Mountain and is popular due to the great landscapes and scuba divings.

Places to see in Kuching

Kuching is the capital of Sarawak state and the largest city from the east area of Malaysia. With a population of about 600.000 people this city has enough to keep you there at least for a few days and not get bored. This is an important food destination for tourists and a main gateway for those travelers who are visiting Sarawak and Borneo. 

Places to see in Khon Kaen

   Khon Kaen is a small city located in the north area of Thailand as the capital of province with the same name. This is a regional center for finance, transportation, education, technology and government offices. Also it is very well known for the silk trade and agriculture. 

Pangkor Island

  Pangkor Island is locally known as Pulau Pangkor and is located off the coast of Perak in Malaysia. This has a total surface area of 18 square kilometers and a population of about 25000 people. The center of the island is populated with forests and houses more than 65 spies of reptile, around 82 animal species and 17 amphibian species. 

Places to see in Nan

   Nan is a small city located in the north area of Thailand on the Nan River valley which is close to Laos. With a population of about 22.000 people this is the capital of Nan province and is located in an area with forests with arable land.